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Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


OverDelivering Not OverChrarging Since 2003

Location: Home base & Storage Facility

2957 Simpson Rd, Caledonia NY 14423


With recent corona virus outbreak we are limiting our services to keep our customers, drivers, and the spread of the virus limited. Our primary work is dealer or auction to auto dealers. We carry disinfectant spray, and utilize hand sanitizer along with work gloves to limit any contact with vehicles. We hope to return to normal Northeast range to Midwest operations within a few weeks. 

Safe transporting or towing of your autos or light trucks. Specialized long range equipment is used for volume vehicle transport, auction hauling, and linking your needs to others to keep prices productively low. Towing and recovery is emergency services, towing and transport is focused on long distance volume hauls, that is where we specialize. 

Overdelivering Not Overcharging since 2003

Working with EAS-E Auto Services click here or click on workforce, then apply. Be your own boss! 

We are a great resource for Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse Auto Dealers as we are in the middle of many auction sites like Adessa, IAA, Copart. We are equipped to move volume and distance hauls. 

Pricing you can expect:

Dealer rates for volume customers

Small cars in direct line to/from Upstate NY $.60 per hauled mile up to 2500 lbs car

Midsize cars in direct line to/from Upstate NY $.70 per hauled mile up to 3500 lbs car, suv, small pickups

1/2T Trucks large cars to/from Upstate NY $.80 per hauled mile up to 4500 lbs

3/4 & 1T POV Pickups/Lg SUV to/from Upstate NY $1.00 per hauled mile to 6000 lbs

CMV under 10K lbs to/from Upstate NY $1.25 per hauled mile to 10,000 lbs 1T dump, plows, 1T tow trucks

As we grow we will venture into sm-midsize equipment, MD trucks ones needing a Landoll Trailer

Call, text, 585-978-1910 or email to start saving

EAS-E Auto Services is a USDOT Authorized Interstate Transporter USDOT 1279538, MC 103467

We carry high commercial insurance as required for interstate transport. We use Rand McNally electronic Log systems to comply with DOT requirements.

We are based in Caledonia NY for towing/roadside assistance work but, our operating range is Northeast, Midwest, except for NYC with a range of up to 500 miles from Home Base. Current primary truck is the Volvo pictured above with a 3 car 50 ft trailer capable capacity of 12,000 lbs load weight. It has a 9K lb winch if your vehicle doesn't run. Our focus is volume auction hauls for Auto Dealers, Salvage, or public requests for long distance transporting. Moving vehicles state to state, or city to city by appointment. Most tows are simply transports not requiring recovery equipment so we offer you reasonable prices. Compare to towing companies high prices and limited range. Your choice is EAS-E to move your car, truck, or trailers. 585-978-1910


Adaptability of using a Semi Tractor

Semi trucks tow trailers. Campers are trailers with electric brakes vs air. We had the truck upfitted for electric brakes and smaller/lighter trailers as well. End of the season 2018 this was one haul. When the season starts don't break your transmission, overload your light pickup, schedule it to be moved and save yourself that repair cost. We all see the breakdowns on the road. Radiators overheating, transmissions that can't handle the weight, overloaded springs breaking, tires overloaded failing. This is actually light work for our truck. Have fun and enjoy your camping season, let us haul it for you. 585-978-1910

Other Hauling Trailers:

Semi tractors can move any type of trailer. We use a Volvo Daycab single axle tractor. The one pictured I used for hauling a reefer trailer. The current tractor can haul this plus 20,000 lb loads. It's lighter, but much more maneuverable.  585-978-1910


Ethan EAS-E Owner/Operator

Class AM License endorsements for NWTM

Towing, Tankers, Doubles/Triples/Metal Coils

Towing since 98, Semi Tractors top of class at NTTS Buffalo, NY

1/2 Million miles plus safe Driving

US Marine Veteran 90-94

RBI Business Admin Top 1%

1099 Driver Richard 1 car haul trailer 3/4T Ford typical range per request within 300 miles of Rochester, NY

Former CDL Driver for Swift.

trained by owner Ethan 

Not Pictured by Request, Silent Partner. Primary coordinator in aspects of building our shop/storage building. Property acquisition, coordinated finances, contractors for ground work, masonry, builder, and permits through Town of York. 


Our primary work is auto auction hauling, dealer to dealer hauls, direct dealer hires, and online load board use to transport interstate autos & LT. Our current focus/lane is NY to OH, on occasion to NJ, PA, MA, IN, NC. Typically within 500 miles of Rochester, NY. 

Direct call hires on full load (3 car) $1/mile per car. We frequently have openings for the backhaul from Ohio to Upstate/Western NY. We do not go to NYC per insurance criteria. 

Interested in working with? Not for 1099 limited liability partnerships. See workforce page. If you work for someone they control you, your time, and if you bring tools them as well. Be your own boss! Work with others that compliment your efforts, or can back you up when you need a hand. 


 Thank you for delivering my Auction purchase of a camper. You saved me about a thousand dollars off the local tow company quote. I will hire you again. Sal NJ

Many thankful dealers due to the work with

www.uship.com public accessible web service tied to ebay.com

www.centraldispatch.com dealers only load board site

We know they are thankful as once we haul, they call us again! We appreciate the support. 


Current and past equipment you may recognize. 


2957 Simpson Rd, Caledonia, NY 14423

585-978-1910 Call or text questions, quotes, scheduling hauls

Email subject towing request or quote

We are transporters, and that we do very well for over 20 years through 22 states, over a half million miles so far.

Thank you for your interests.