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Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Basics about you, your equipment, driving experience

Print out form, circle or fill in, send in to: EAS-E Auto Services 2957 Simpson Rd, Caledonia, NY 14423

A response will be made within a week. 

Name:_____________ ________________ Phone #(______)_____-__________ Email:______________@________

Address:_________________________________ City____________ State_______ Zip _____________

Is your interest as a Owner/Operator driver Y/N  Dispatcher Y/N

Prefer Northeast within range of Upstate NY, willing to relocate to, or at least able to stop in as needed. 

License Class A B C D    Endorsements____________________________________________________________

Towing experience ______yrs   Trucking experience: _________yrs    Auto repair:__________yrs

Military experience: Army  Navy  Airforce  Marines  Coast Guard  National Guard

Years __________ Honorable Y/N

Trailers used experience:_________________________________________________________________________

What type of equipment do you currently have? Example F350 dsl 2009, 3 car wedge/YR/What it is?

Truck _______________________________________ mileage_________________

Trailer ______________________________________ miles used est___________ best guess

Business experience: established dba Y/N   Management experience Y/N Yrs_________

Commercially insured Y/N  DOT#______________ MC #______________

If you do not have your own we need to file mileage, fuel, etc to maintain these. Y/N understood

Despite the ELD promises you need to log this data as they do not really work. Hand written reports.

Capable of map reading Y/N   Understand linking multiple pics & drop offs Y/N Dispatch positions need to be very good at linking and filling empty slots on a trailer. 

You understand any position is a limited liability partner 1099 Y/N initial_________ we do not have employees. We can withhold an amount you wish towards tax filings, will offer advice on filing taxes as we understand it if unfamiliar with running your own business, write offs, etc. Check with a professional but, we can advise on organizing data. 

Are you willing to add marketing of our website on your truck ie our business at least 2" lettering: Y/N

The more interest the more sales are generated. If in it for the long-haul to grow and gain ownership you're marketing for your work as well. 

Nothing directly disqualifies you, we are trying to get to know you and your experience why you want to run your own business linked to ours. We are looking for reasons why to add you on as opposed to deter your interests. Only 10% of people ever really try to run their own businesses to support the other 90% of people. If you invested in equipment, need a work resource, and have the vital skills to be a transporter we want to talk to you. If you need a piece of equipment like a proper trailer and have the skills we still are interested. 


_____Part time: Whole days weekly available M T W Th F S Su

_____Full Time: Y/N 7 days a week less required 34 off

_____Road Warrior: Send me anywhere, any day, night or day

Range you want to stay within? 200  500  1000 miles of Rochester, NY other ___________________

Any specifics or limitations: ____________________________________________________________________




Any states you prefer to haul to:? _______________________________________________________________

OTR Experience? Y/N ________yrs _________mo Hauling can be a lonely life, experience helps solitude.

Could be I have my child every other weekend, prefer 8am-10pm latest. Owner is not a early bird and prefers not to run 12M to 6am. Again we're looking to work with you as you're available ft, pt, etc. It's not a job application, you are a limited liability partner running your own truck/unit. We are looking for how to work with you. If it's around another job and pt that is how this started in 2003, and again in 2018. Gradually more time has been invested to be a full time operation. We do what we need to and work around that. 

Signed and Date: __________________________________________ __/__/____

Any better time or method of contact? _________________________ Call Email Text

How soon are you looking to start hauling? _________________ days/ weeks/ months