Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Investing and Benefits new in 2021


We team up with owner operators or those who want to be, especially if trucking, or towing experienced.

We deduct 5% from hauls to company operations. Half of that or 2.5% of sales goes into driver benefits and investing programs. 

Truck break down, illness, injury funds: After 3 months $500 a week up to 2 weeks a year. 

Vacation: after 6 months 1 week a year $500 a week. 

(cap/max is driver contribution) if your working with normal efforts these are the limits. 

When there is excess:

Equipment lease or repairs funds from residual balance: Can assist new or existing drivers' upgrades with enough for a down payment. 1% interest on our investment balance. It is not a lot to get you working and repaid in a year for about 7% interest. Limited to on hand funds of course. Goal is a self maintaining 10-20K depending on how many drivers are available to haul. 


We will be building a investment portfolio to give more stability to the company, and returns to increase drivers and dispatch incomes. Stock investments are available through our added Cashapp in 2021. $EASEAuto. Part of financial training in 2000 was by a stock broker at a seminar in Dallas TX. Added drivers earn 1% or 1000 shares a year and payouts will be based on percentage earned. When drivers stock is at 49% stock will split in order for the current owner to retain 51%, later buyout when reaching retirement can be discussed. Internal stock is assessed at 100,000 shares currently. Building a portfolio will add to company value, and stock value. Any interest from leases, loans, excess from the above funds will be invested to grow the company. As you earn share you have a voice in the direction of the company as well. You are not a employee only being told to do this or that as a owner reaps the benefits of your work efforts. As the owner I'm sure I've assisted a few businesses in paying for their equipment and families well being. My mission is to provide as well as possible to my partners. 

Half of retained monies is put to work directly for you drivers, and dispatcher when added. The outlook is in part from a old job at a Muffler Shop where the owner's retired and passed on the business to their workers for their company to live on. Most places these days use fancy terms and state a lot then simply dispose of workers. Maybe offer sign on bonuses before you know what you're in for. Here you work, you earn, we'll be investing in you with growing results. 

Currently we have a instate recovery unit 1 car

                                  2 car running NY<>OH

                                  Situating a 2nd semi to pull the 3 car wedge

                                  Owner's 1 axle Volvo pulling the 5 Car Sun Country trailer

We are growing by 25-50% yearly in sales, interested? 585-978-1910

We're in the Northeast close to Rochester, NY the most productive and densely populated region and there is a ton of cars always being bought, sold, and shipped. There's room for motivated, to make their own pay scale owner/operators that maybe would like to do so with advice, other's to work and coordinate with, and a future with growth ahead over the same ole job with a different uniform. 

Below on our lowest paying work is a 1 day run taking in $600 on the low end. So fuel costs $2-250 a day but, 3 loaded is a light semi load, and not bad to earn 350-400 in a day. How's that job looking now? For the pictured truck (maybe a newer one that doesn't have 1.5M miles on it) cost was still under $100 a day. that's truck, trailer, insured, etc.. Puts income fairly easily at or over $1500 a week net take home. 

A simple day cab can hook any semi trailer for example with a 5-6 car and it's still light work for a semi, and you about double earnings!