Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

EAS-E Auto Load Board/Work in progress

Purpose: to advise customers as quickly as possible on status changes of their requested work, and to understand there is others work waiting to be done as well. Runs are put together as closely as possible to other vehicles in order to be fuel efficient as possible or the fee would have to be increased in line with enroute miles. 

Status: Requested/pending deployment, Enroute/Driver to add on run, Picked up, Shop/hold til on the way to destination, delivered. 

To be updated at the end of each day, as changes, or as possible as owner is also a driver. No customers names will ever be listed, only the vehicles in order to be identified by the buyers. 

Date received, price, status changes possibly the date changed. We are not web builders, we are truck drivers working to deliver as quickly as is possible. Page is also to be used for internal drivers to choose hauls they can accomplish in addition to other resources.

We prioritize our regular hiring dealers work before seeking others options. 

ReceivedWhereTo WherePriceStatus
7/23/21Adesa Akron,NYParma, OH$200Requested
Gr Caravan
7/23/21Adesa, Akron NYParma, OH$200Requested
Ram 1500
7/23/21Adesa, Akron NYParma, OH$200Requested
7/23/21Adesa, Akron NYParma, OH$200Requested
7/23/21Adesa, Akron NYParma, OH$200Requested


Adesa, Akron NYParma, OH$200Requested
Ram van 2500
7/26/21Hamilton, NYPlain City, OH$500


Chevy 2500 P/U7/26/21Buffalo. NYPlain City, OH$325Requested
Charger7/26/21Adesa Akron, NYParma, OH$200Requested
Cruze7/26/21Adesa Akron, NYParma, OH$200Requested
Cruze7/30/21Canfield, OHCanandagua, NY$200Requested
Gr Caravan7/30/21Olean, NYCanandagua, NY$150Requested
Acadia 7/29/21Adesa Akron, NYYoungstown, OH$225Requested
Saturn SL7/30/21Rochester, NYAkron, OH$275Requested
Liberty7/31/21Avon, NYEuclid, OH$250Requested
Blazer7/30/21Yorkville, NYNorton, OH$350Requested
unspecified 8/1/21IAA New Philadelphia OHNewark, NJ$350Requested
unspecified8/1/21IAA New Philadelphia OHNewark, NJ$350Requested