Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Pricing small tractor work: 

Current pricing for tractor, operator within 25 miles of Caledonia, NY $75/hr estimated time. Actual working time is logged if over the two are averaged, if less actual time that pricing is used. Minimum fee two hours plus 8% NY Sales tax. 

Added helpers $25/hr plus tax

Transport of equipment beyond 25 miles of Caledonia NY $2/mile. 

We also have chicken families for sale when mature: next availability mid July 2023

Choose your Rooster either Rock Barre, or Rhode Island Red

20 available Rock Barre Female Pullets/Hens egg laying breed-very large brown eggs many are 150% of what stores call large eggs. 

What is a family considered? 1 Rooster with 4 Hens. Will give you approximately 15-28 eggs a week. 

Our results with regular am and pm feedings even through winter: We started with 8 egg laying hens, prior to separating them from more roosters, down to 6 and since Christmas Day when they started laying eggs as of 5/30/23 they have produced 758 eggs not counting a few broken ones, and about 20 into a incubator. 63.2 dozen with store prices at $5-10 a dozen for organic extra large eggs on the low end $315.83 worth of eggs. A family to go home with $200 when adults. You bring them home and please give them a secure home we have raised them since chicks on a high protein, when young medicated feed, as larger a mix of layer feed 16%, higher protein 30% crumbles, and cracked corn diet. They also eat what they want from the lawn within their pens. We do not let them run free due to predatory animals and birds of prey in the area. We absorbed the cost, a few losses, and countless hours to raise them to socialize them with care. 

Eggs for Sale: $2 a 6 pack if you would like to test them. All are hand collected daily, hand washed in light antibacterial soap, visually inspected for any defects or cracks. packaged, then refrigerated. Date marked is collection date with approximately 3 weeks from date stamped to be used by. 

Don't be shy, if we're home we're happy to answer questions or show you living coops for the birds. If not home you can see the outside pens during the day. Since the picture below added sections have been added as needed. As of 5/30/23 we have from a recently hatched chick, to ones a month old, the Rock Barre Chicks that arrived end of February, and the adult birds from last summer. The Hens look a little rough as they were with 8 Roosters that ended up pulling off a lot of back feathers. If you add others to a flock with 1 Rooster you should only add pullets/females. If over 20 then 1 more would be ok.