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Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Public Single Haul 

Single hauls: 

Rate per mile public, Who needs this service? 

If your moving, you bought or sold a vehicle hundreds of miles away. Call your local towing company first, OMG it can be $100 to hook up then $4-5 a mile, then call us. $2.00 a mile. $3.00 a mile on single 3/4-1T trucks.

No NYC, or Ports other than that Northeast, East Coast, into the Midwest within 500 miles of Rochester, NY. 

Example: VA to Rochester 450 miles the public this week rate it needs to be done is $900.00 plus 8% NYS sales tax.

Before you look elsewhere do you have a little patience and time to get this done? We can do better: not a rush haul we can drop it further down to $1.25 a mile, why? It still may be done this coming week, within 2 weeks but, if we link it to other hauls available we can discount it. The same as big box stores offer bogo sales and such. The trip costs the same, but you split the cost with other hauls. Fuel per mile costs the same roughly 1 or 3 hauled. Tolls are no different, driver expenses along with what it costs daily for equipment. If you have time look to the next section.   

Linked Hauls Public

This is where the big equipment comes out and the CDL A driver gets to really earn a living. Your haul is still treated as if it's the only one, but as pictured it is linked with others. The cost is spread across 2-3 as opposed to 1. Much like a big box store volume decreases cost, and is offered at a lower price to you. $1.50 a mile no added hookup fees. 3/4-1T trucks $2.00 a mile linked haul rate. We do not do local towing, if it's over 100 miles city to city, state to state we can move it for you. Inops we have a 9k winch to load/offload as long as there is room for a semi. Towing and recovery experienced since 98. 

If you have a little time for us to contact brokers with other hauls the same example haul at $900 drops to $562.50. 

It's all about volume splitting the cost. By staying within 500 mile range of Rochester, NY we can get out there in a day, load and be back to keep pace with our dealer requests. At no price will we go int NYC, Ports, or within 50 miles of. That leaves about 99% of anywhere within 500 mile range. Even into NC, SC. No KY or WI just a added legality in trucking. 

Dealer Rates 

We focus on dealer transfers/purchases due to volume equipment better utilized in large lots than public neighborhoods.

Multihauls                          Single Contractor Rates/Rehires

Car/mile                 $.60          $1.25    under 3000 lbs

Med Car/1/2T        $.80          $1.35    up to 4000 lbs

Trucks                     $1.25        $1.75   up to 6000 lbs

Comm Trucks        $1.50        $2.00   up to 8000 lbs

Capacity is 12,000 lbs full load, 50 ft bumper to bumper space available. Full load meaning maximum current capacity rating. No taller than 7ft for upper most position on trailer, 9 ft on lower end. Bridge height allowed is maximum 13'6". 

Special Rates Volume Movers

Individual dealers, and contracting by volume can be discussed after first hire. Difficulty and or ease of what your locations involve. Straight auction running vehicles is far different than loading and offloading in open spaces vs salvage vehicles into tight locations or parts needed securement to safely transport them. We do haul salvage or inops as well. If you buy/sell little cars it isn't the same as full-size trucks. we can fit 4 cars under 12.5 ft length, but only 2 extended/quad cab trucks with 8 ft beds. A 1T truck at 8000 lbs plus up to a med size car maxes out weight. Case by case. Open to discussion when we know what your needs are, and if we can handle the volume on top of other work.

2020 Anticipated is adding a 4-7 car haul trailer

by 2021 Landoll type Trailer for Tractors, small-med sized equipment hauling up to 20K lbs

Planning to meet customer needs ahead of time is a constant adaptation process all businesses must have or they become the great buggy whip maker in a world moving to motorized cars, or the candle maker in a world that uses electric lights, we adapt by the need. 

If you need this on a regular basis we can look into leasing a trailer prior to purchasing. We reinvest as we earn to care for customer needs first. We have done this since 2003!

Overdelivering not Overcharging!