Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Tools available for a variety of work:

Tractor bucket loader-moves large amounts of material at once, can dig, or skim off sod such as if you wanted it removed to install a new garden. It's equipped with a Pirahna Tooth Bar to greatly enhance it's use. (large amounts compared to any hand tools most would try, smaller amounts than large construction equipment could move) 

Backhoe-for trenching, or digging. If you wanted to install a culvert, French drain, or excavate for a RV/Camper pad it would be a great asset combined with the bucket for removal of material. 

Tiller-used for tilling gardens, leveling mounds or ruts leaving a prepped surface for grass seeding. 

Rear blade-assists in leveling and spreading material out such as stone in a driveway/path, or dirt. 

Later in 2023 to be added:

Grapple-for moving piles of brush, logs, sticks, or if cleaning a lot out can also lift debris into a dumpster. Will be a great asset for clearing deadfall if you have unusable wooded areas or paths due to downed trees. Reasonably sized ones, we do not specialize in tree work, our neighbor does for large jobs. 

Brush Hog/Flail mower type- For clearing field areas overgrown (tall grasses or small saplings), or paths in woods overgrown with light brush. 

Wood chipper/smaller sized up to 4" round-to mulch up small branches and trees into wood chips. Can be used in paths, gardens, compost, or playgrounds for your kids. 

You could do a lot of what the tractor can by hand. What the tractor's power does in a hour could take you a day, week, or may be more than you want to tackle by hand and never gets done. I have hand dug garden sod out by hand. What took a day and a lot of backache the tractor did multiple times that much, in a hour. Well worth not pulling muscles for!