Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


OverDelivering Not OverChrarging Since 2003

Location: Home base & Storage Facility

2957 Simpson Rd, Caledonia NY 14423


Ethan EAS-E Owner/Operator

Class AM License endorsements for NWTM

Towing, Tankers, Doubles/Triples/Metal Coils

Towing since 98, Semi Tractors top of class at NTTS Buffalo, NY

1/2 Million miles plus safe Driving

US Marine Veteran 90-94

RBI Business Admin Top 1%


Our primary work was auto auction hauling, dealer to dealer hauls, direct dealer hires, and online load board use to transport interstate autos & LT. Our current focus/lane is NY to OH, on occasion to NJ, PA, MA, IN, NC. Typically within 500 miles of Rochester, NY. Due to the current fuel crisis as a more economical method to assist others we are launching a small tractor service! The owner has ran and operated all the pictured trucks, and downsized to reinvest in a Homestead Helper Program using a 2022 John Deere 1025R 4wd compact tractor for more personal work vs OTR trucking. 


 Thank you for delivering my Auction purchase of a camper. You saved me about a thousand dollars off the local tow company quote. I will hire you again. Sal NJ

All our dealerships that continue to rehire us, thank you and that states more than a few words can with a built up trust to handle many cars monthly for  the same customers.  

Many thankful dealers due to the work with

www.uship.com public accessible web service tied to ebay.com

www.centraldispatch.com dealers only load board site

We know they are thankful as once we haul, they call us again! We appreciate the support. 


Current and past equipment you may recognize. 


2957 Simpson Rd, Caledonia, NY 14423

585-978-1910 Call or text questions

We are transporters, and that we do very well for over 20 years through 22 states, well over a half million miles so far.

Thank you for your interests.