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Hiring with EAS-E Auto Services

Currently we do not have any employees, but we may consider with the right candidates, are you it?

CDLA driver and 1099 Dispatcher

CDL-A Driver for Auto Hauling

What we would look for: CDL-A Driver, clean record, towing experience preferred but, if you can drive I can train & will before I put you solo in my truck (we haul cars, special care is required to not damage, scratch paint, take pictures of, notate prior damage), CDL experience 1yr local or OTR in a tractor trailer verifiable without incidences, drug free and required test prior to being considered. People skills we deal directly with customers, good drivers will increase rehires from dealerships. Faster regular sales increase your income prospects. This has always been proven in any business good customer relations go a lot further than aggressive drivers. A little extra, some patience, despite the roads aggravations maintaining your composure wins over customers with their own business aggravations. Calm within the storm.  Customers remember and are happy to call on you. 

No discrimination on physical abilities but, a note cars may not run requiring pushing them out of a parking space, or recovery with a winch, snatch blocks, chains etc.. You need to be able assess solutions car experience is preferred as sometimes they need a jumpstart, lockout, low tires, in tight lots where trucks do not always fit. We are focusing our efforts towards auctions and dealers lots. Ramps weigh about 20 lbs each. Ratchets have to be tightened down. Balance above ground on a ladder to secure straps on upper parts of trailer, climb up, and back down without injury.   

Military experience preferred but, not necessary if multiple drivers send resumes it is a preference, Marines top choice, owner is a honorably discharged US Marine. 

If you're qualified send a resume or call to set up a meeting with a resume in hand. No discrimination Man or Woman if you can handle physical work, are self motivated and driven you may be the first. 

Truck is idle Sun-Tues currently, idle trucks cost. 12-14 hour days 3 days is 36-42 hours, if doing well may be more. 

Recent work additions went from bidding on sporatic work to when can you get it done, in volume. Typical runs are a couple days out between NY-OH 2-3, if you are ok with further reaching such as into the south that can be discussed and added. Also depends on equipment available.

Currently a 2014 single axle sleeper automatic Volvo 435 hp acquired 6/2019 reconditioned by Penske trucks of Orlando, 3 car 2019 Kaufman 50 ft wedge trailer. Maintenance shop is a 1/2 mile down the street. If you need a wiper or bulb the ability to do that yourself on the road is better than a ticket.  

Pay rates percentage of load 25% with a minimum hourly rate. Starting/minimum rate $15/hr works out to $.35-.40 a mile to compare to otr trucking rates. As I have no employees I'll offer you the choice of how to determine your income.  

30 days reassessed. If doing well you stay, if it isn't working out cease employment. Afterwards every 6 months. Periodic increases to be determined by results of hauling. Disclaimer: if anything stated goes against any policy of state refer it to public policy. 

HOS work within hours, owner note I'd rather if you're tired to stop at 12 hours than push you to the max. Your safety and that of others outweighs sales. We need to get work done, but if tired rest. Safety first. Drive 60-65 vs racing even if speed limit is higher. Cars make trailers top heavy speed control is crucial to safe operation. You do need to keep a logbook on top of ELD. Have some patience as all required things and more will be added but, employing others is a new aspect of business not just another addition.  

1099 Dispatcher is needed as well. Work from home, the coffee shop, wherever. Must have a computer (smartphones or tablets can be used), skills to use it, and people skills as well. Offer is 5% of sales generated. Have some familiarity with trucking, dispatching and taking on work as is possible.  Simply put be able to be honest with customers when and how fast we can get cars loaded and to them. Relay pickup slips as needed to driver on duty. Coordinate with the driver progress. Bad weather can slow down drivers and does in the northeast often. Map skills help as well. It isn't rocket science we move cars from A to B then driver needs to load with as little empty driving as possible as no one earns on empty. 

This cannot be assessed at hourly. A good dispatcher will make a few calls, relay data to the driver, and can make a $500 or $1000 sale with under a hour of efforts.  Later sales could take 5 minutes on rehires relaying needed data for the same sale. The better we respond to customer needs the more units will be operating. Long term position will also give the same share benefits below. Hourly rates would underpay a good to great dispatcher. I may be able to steer other transporters your way as well. To be discussed. After the first 30 days if doing well increase of 1%, after a year 1% increase, thereafter .5% every 6 months up to 10% of loads. With a growing clientele and drivers hauling you can earn a very good living from home, the coffee shop, a beach, wherever. Picking out a few good pay loads can put a driver sales at 500-1000 a day. As it grows 5 drivers puts 250 a day in your hands. Estimates are one dispatcher per 5 trucks/drivers is close to full time work. You will be using your own skills, equipment, can add other's work and as understood this is a 1099 work resource for you. You do not need to clock in anywhere, and continuation is contingent on your abilities. Each sale is your sale. As long as you are not using our load resources to give to others, or steering our customers to others, that would be theft and void relations immediately. If in any opposition to public policy reverting to hourly position it would be at no more than driver stated rates. Estimated is lower income potential. This is not cold calling or selling what someone doesn't want. What it is is looking on a load board for what customers want done, need a hauler to get it done, making a call, and relaying information needed to go to dealer lots, or auctions. The driver needs that data to keep rolling. Drivers doing this lose driving time, which decreases sales ability. You are a valuable part of the business. Often times a posting of one vehicle is really multiple ones, so with little effort the estimated sale is multiplied. Along with what you earn. We run between a certain range of cities/states and these searches are where you find the work. Only 3 state range there is often over a hundred of listings to choose from. That is one site, we also have a 2nd site to bid against others to work off of. Keeping up is more of a challenge than gaining work. 

Company goals: After a year company stock/stake in company shares as a loyalty bonus. Example is 100 of 100,000 shares. Adding 50 shares each year thereafter to limit of 500 shares per year. Negotiable within reason. I do not want job hoppers without loyalty to success. If you help build it, you should have a stake in the success of a company. This is a old school approach the business world has forgotten.  Ceasing later limits to 75% current value at that time buyback if desired, as monies are available. Personal goal is to retire after 10 years turning over the company to it's employees/ partial owners with some residual income resources. With growth it works out to a decent periodic bonus. If the company makes $100K in a year and you own 1% the payout is $1000. Ever work for another company that claims they make little as they expand spending hundreds of thousands and owners are driving multiple expensive vehicles, yeah me too. Work efforts help their family, but what about yours? Businesses are nothing without a workforce with a desire to succeed, they should benefit by this. In the event of a buyout the workforce that has made a company valuable should benefit by it. The approach is give a decent income, periodic bonusses, and a long-term benefit. This is how businesses used to work. This is how mine will for those that want better than make a corporation well off and you struggle. 


Sound like something you want to be a part of? Call or send a resume  585-978-1910 email

If you'd rather all the benefits of a long time in business that has ironed out all the kinks there's always "welcome to smily mart" or ding your fries are done, or some trucking company slave driving you til you're ready to pass out behind the wheel. I make no pretense about being PC I'm the owner/operator with over a half million safe miles down and I'll be in the trenches right beside you. If you like what's offered call, email a resume.