Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Work with EAS-E Auto Services: We do not hire anyone for any reason, we do however offer limited liability partnerships. 1099 owner operators. Interested? Read on!

Currently we do not hire anyone but, we offer opportunities for motivated, dedicated, and self driven transporters that want a small team to work with.

Ever tried to start up a business then found you either were overwhelmed by doing well, or splitting the time between self management and doing the work keeping up was not possible?


CDLA driver, Non CDL drivers, and 1099 Dispatcher

CDL-A Driver for Auto Hauling

Have you heard of hotshot auto hauling?

Income: Pay rates are per mile using your truck, if we can assist in getting a good driver into a truck we will. The same goes for trailers if we have one to lease out, or for you to add one. 

Pay is typically $.80-1.20 per car. Semi tractors are better as it is a volume business, 2 car and a 1T truck would be a minimum in order to earn a decent living. If you can haul 3-6 at once higher incomes. We retain 5%, and as a dispatcher is added 5% would be their income from your sales. 

Benefit: You additionally earn 1% of our business a year, or 1000 shares in the event we have to split stocks as drivers reach 49% of shares. This in the event of a buyout is important as large companies buy smaller ones out all the time. If you have been on board for 5 years you retain 5% of that sale. Stake in company is after a year you have additionally earned a percentage of the business. In the event of profit you have a stake in it. 

Half of the 5% we retain: is into drivers benefits and investments to give more value to the percentage you retain. We don't want job hoppers, or to have a bunch of idle equipment. Half of retained goes into as follows and this order. 

Truck down, illness, or injury: up to 2 weeks a year $500 providing your working regularly and contributing. After 3 months, we want you to have a income and trucks, drivers break down. 

Vacation: 1 week paid after 6 months, and yearly. $500 same applies. As we grow it's better you take a break than burnout if worried you cannot rest or have a family vacation with no income. Doing this on your own this wouldn't exist, and breakdowns, well you're down.

Residual funds: assist driver's present or added on ones assist to acquire truck/trailer or present to upgrade for 1% interest on balance invested. As available and towards down payment on equipment as needed. This fund will be limited and is to be self sustaining. 

Balance: is to be invested in stocks, bonds, etc to give the company a growing resource and drivers a growing income in time, by invested percentage. ex. company makes $5,000 return on this and lease returns and you own 5% it's a dividend of $250 for whatever period be it a year, or 3 months? Fund grows from any retained residual funds from sales. Your percentage grows, and therefore it is a raise. 

Dispatcher/Load coordinator: the same applies as does drivers income, percentages, and benefits. Dispatcher is not required to be anywhere at specific times, this work can be done anywhere you can access load boards, coffee shop, your couch, the beach. As long as you can contact drivers in order to keep them loaded and rolling profitably you are earning 5% of the sales, plus any above described residual incomes.  Driver is headed to Syracuse, NY and has a opening you fill it from available work. Keep track of when and where they will or estimated will end the day, or run load them with backhauls. Drivers concentrate on hauling and you keep them doing so. You could ask a driver in the am, then once later in the day on their status, look at available loads and make the arrangements. Some sales take 5 minutes, a text, email, driver has a load to haul. Some you contact about 1 car, and they have multiple ones. You increased sales and the cost is well worth contracting this work to you. Unlike drivers you do not need expensive equipment a phone, laptop, internet access and a good attitude to sell is all you need. Jobs on load boards are waiting and your contact is welcome, we are not cold calling for work. They/the dealers are asking for someone to handle this for stated prices, easy. 1 dispatcher can handle 5-10 units running. Currently we have 3 running, and 1 coming on board. Another is looking for equipment now. Each running unit can generate $150-200K a year in sales where you earn 5% of that.